Hen-Hen Dogcatchers Youth Foundation (DCYF) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that provides assistance and support in helping youth AGES 5 TO 18 YEARS OF AGEcomplete their educational goals through the pathway of Athletics since 1982. the organization established their 501 (c) 3 in 1995 and has been a prominent resource in the communities.

DCYF provides programs that are specialized in assisting youth to complete high school and move forward into higher education. The programs have specifics in team building, team concepts, six-sigma, project management, life skills, career path workshops, financial literacy, computer technology, mentoring, tutoring and providing additional resources that lead to pursuing prominent and sustainable careers.

DCYF youth have inspired to learn in such fields as medical, law, hospitality management, communications, media, computer science just to name a few. DCYF Youth are inspired to attend colleges such as USC, Arizona State University. University of Arizona University of Utah, University of New Mexico, UNLV, Howard, Memphis University, Mississippi State University, Jackson State University, Virginia Tech University, University of Missouri, TCU, University of San Diego and some have aspirations to study abroad. The experiences of the youth have been phenomenal and DCYF created avenues for the youth to accomplish their dreams.

DCYF is a one stop program for youth to build their structure to deal with everyday life through a strong bond to education and sports with all levels that will lead to college. DCYF programs are geared to the success of its youth in all fields that will lead them to substantial professional careers.

DCYF knows the importance in following the growth and success of each participant. We continue to want to assist the youth by giving the resources and tools they need to be successful.